John Lennon and the Number

John Lennon

Throughout his life, the late John Lennon believed that the number 9 affected his destiny. He was born on the 9th October, as was his son Sean. In his youth, Lennon would leave his Liverpool home at Number 9 Newcastle Road and get the 72 bus; and he noticed that the bus's two numbers, 7 and 2 added up to 9. Brian Epstein first attended a Beatles performance at the cavern on the 9 November 1961, and he clinched a record contract for the group on the 9 May 1962. The first Beatle record 'Love Me Do' was numbered 4949 on Parlophone, and John first met Yoko Ono on 9 November 1966. The couple later moved into an apartment on New York's 72nd Street, and again John noticed that the two numbers of the street, 7 & 2, added up to nine. Of course, John Lennon deliberately wrote songs with 9 in the title like, One After 909, 'Revolution Number 9' and 'Number 9 Dream', but the number 9, which has been regarded as mystical for thousands of years, continued to feature heavily in the life of the Beatle - up to his death and beyond. Lennon was gunned down on 8 December 1980, but because of the 5-hour time difference, it was actually the 9th of December in Liverpool when John died. Shortly afterwards, the body of John Lennon was taken to Roosevelt Hospital - on 9th Avenue.

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