The Other Side Of Midnight
Terry Lennaine reads the true, spine-chilling stories of writer Tom Slemen on the long-awaited 90-minute cassette series entitled 'The Other Side of Midnight - Volumes I-IV. The weird and gruesome tales Lennaine narrates are:
The Other Side of Midnight Vol I
The Lodge Lane Vampire
I Saw What You Did
Kelly...Bye Bye Baby...
The Dead Man Who Helped Kojak
The Very Mysterious Mr Moore
Eleanore & Freddie
The Berwyn UFO Cover-Up
Rings On Her Fingers
The Lincoln & Kennedy Coincidences
Jodie - The Sad Spectre of Smithdown Road
Nightmare In The Elevator
The Ashes
The Green Eye of the Mersey
The Joke That Caused A Stroke
The Man Who Never Aged
Over The Wall
The Thing In Higher Lane
The Return Of The Lodge Lane Vampire

The Other Side of Midnight Vol II
The Witch of Great George Street
The Wail of the Banshee
The Burglary at the Ghost House
The Thing from the River
The Dead of Night
The Lighthouse Ghoul
The Death Maiden
Who was Hannah Brade?
Fiery Jack
Did a Scouser Survive the Mary Celeste?
Resurrection Mary

The Other Side of Midnight Vol III
"The Other Side of Christmas"
Daddy's Home For Christmas
The Last Christmas Alone
The Christmas Gift
The Little Helper From Beyond The Grave
The Christmas Pudding Mystery
The Note to Santa
The Angel of Twelfth Night
The Fiend Without A Face
The St Luke's Abduction

The Other Side of Midnight Vol IV
"Merseyside Maritime Mysteries"
Roll Out the Barrel
Shore Leave
The Revenge of the Martha Dunn
The Cargo of Corpses
Mysteries of the Titanic
Ship of the Damned
Cannibal Captain
The Ship that Sailed into Limbo
The Mass Abduction
A Maritime Horror Story
The Witch Doctor's Curse

To order the tapes by mail order, contact Terry Lennaine on 0151-648 0069. Alternatively, you can write to him at:

Box 23
L61 7YE

You can also e-mail him at:

Terry Lennaine @Ghost

You can hear more of Terry Lennaine on Liverpool's favourite radio station, Magic 1548. Terry is on air Monday to Friday from 2pm to 6pm.

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