P.S. Jack the Ripper

JACK  THE  RIPPER,  the  Victorian  serial killer  is  the  most   famous  infamous murderer of all time. Between August 31st and  November  9th,  1888,  he  killed  and mutilated five prostitutes (perhaps more) in London's East End  then mysteriously retired from his gruesome occupation. The names  of Ripper  suspects  could  fill  a telephone book, but despite the mountains of speculative literature that have been written about the Whitechapel Murderer in the century since the hideous crimes were committed,  Jack's  identity  is  still  a mystery.

What may be the only clues that will  provide  a  breakthrough are  the gloating  letters  the  Ripper  sent  to Scotland Yard during his reign of terror. Many of the letters were probably penned by  cranks,  but  two  letters  that  were posted to the London Central News Agency from Liverpool  were  apparently genuine. They were both signed 'Jack the Ripper', and   their  envelopes   bore   Liverpool postmarks.  The  first  letter warned,  'I shall clip the lady's ears off.'

The next  victim of Jack  the Ripper,s  Catherine  Eddowes  did indeed have  her   ears  slashed.  The  second  letter  from Liverpool warned of a 'double event'. This grisly prediction was also fulfilled when  the Ripper killed two prostitutes on the same night.  A postscript  on the second  letter  mocked the police for failing to  heed the warnings: 'What fools the police  are.  I even give them the name of the  street where I am living.' The street the  P.S.  referred to was scrawled at the top  of  the  first  letter Prince  William  Street, Liverpool.

The  two  Liverpool  letters  from the Ripper suggest the killer had connections with the port. When those connections are uncovered,  we may be nearer to finally  unmasking the man  (or woman) behind the  Whitechapel atrocities.


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